Golden Time



Six simple rules to remember to make life at school safe and enjoyable for everyone. Keeping the rules will result in special GOLDEN TIME when the children can enjoy activities of their choice that they don't normally get the chance to do at school.


  • Do be gentle ... Don't hurt anyone
  • Do be kind and helpful ... Don't hurt people's feelings
  • Do be honest ... Don't cover up the truth
  • Do work hard ... Don't waste time
  • Do look after property ... Don't waste or damage things
  • Do listen to people ... Don't interrupt

We also have a CHILDREN'S CODE OF CONDUCT based on the Golden Rules that we ask parents and children to read, talk about and sign. In our school we will try, with the help of the Holy Spirit, to follow the way of Jesus to love God Our Father and to love and respect each other. Our children's code to help us means:

  • It is my right not to be hurt by fighting, kicking or in rough play.
  • It is my responsibility to be kind and caring to others.
  • It is my right for adults and children to listen to me.
  • It is my responsibility to listen to others.
  • It is my right to enjoy all that school provides in work and play and that my parents will help me.
  • It is my responsibility to be on time for school and to take care of my books and equipment.
  • It is my right to have a safe place to keep my clothes and books.
  • It is my responsibility to be tidy with my property and careful with others'.
  • It is my right to be loved and respected because I am important.
  • It is my responsibility to respect other people and to show my concern for them.

    At the beginning of each academic year we send this to all Parents, Carers and Children to read together and sign for return to school.



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