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St Elphege’s is a  Voluntary Aided Federation of Infant and Junior Schools in the Archdiocese of Southwark. It was built to serve the Catholic and local community.

The members of the school community supports the school because they value a distinctive Catholic education for their children. For the remainder of this policy, the word Catholic refers to the Catholic faith.

Parents elect to apply for these schools in order to ensure that the Catholic values and way of life are passed on to their children at home, in the parish and at school. Governors have full regard for these factors in the framework of this policy.

To see a full copy of our Admissions policy and process, please download the relevant information below:

If you would like to apply for a place at The Federation of St. Elphege's Schools, please download and complete a Supplementary Form and return it to the school office.

The CAF (Common Application Form) closing date is 31st January 2018.

Getting ready for school

Children will have learned many things before they come to school. You will have helped them to learn to walk and talk and gain knowledge of our world. In their everyday play children will have begun to learn about colour, to count (plates for dinner, sweets to be shared, cars on the road etc.) to read (recognising advertisements, the McDonalds sign) sing nursery rhymes, pop songs, look at books, comics and magazines. These all help to foster a joy of reading and learning.

Now the time has arrived for the school to assist you in helping your child to learn more and develop into a happy healthy adult. These notes are to help you to prepare for and enjoy this new experience and to encourage you to continue assisting at home. All children learn through play at home and at school. Please do not underestimate the importance of play in children's life. They will learn from doing and talking before they are ready to read and write about their experience. They will need to find out about the properties of sand, water, paint, clay, to estimate and count before they write their findings as "sums".

Children develop at an individual rate; some walk or talk or are toilet trained before others. It is the same with reading and writing. Try not to compare your child with others. Even brothers and sisters develop at different rates.

Things to do before your child starts school

  • Endeavour to help your child to be toilet trained and knows how to ask for the toilet.
  • Make sure all your child's clothes are clearly marked with his/her name.
  • Talk about school with your child.  Talk about "starting school" stories and visits to school support their transition. Our Nursery and Reception staff will always provide a home visit to ensure your children feel secure and welcome when they arrive at school.
  • Support your children in their use of a knife and fork so that they are able to enjoy their lunch independently. If he/she is to have a packed lunch ensure that the container is clearly marked and recognisable and the contents support a healthy choice and balance. This reinforces our aim for all children to enjoy a healthy diet.
  • Help your child to listen to simple instructions and carry them out. (e.g. tidying away toys, coming when called.).
  • If your child has a special physical or educational need please make sure that the Headteacher and class teacher are fully aware of these.
  • You will be invited to a meeting during the term before your child is due to start school.


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