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Curriculum Highlights:

The Federation of St Elphege's. End of Year Expectations for Year 2:

This section provides information for parents and carers on the end of year expectations for children in our school. The teachers have identified these expectations as being the minimum requirements your child must meet in order to ensure continued progress throughout the following year.

All the objectives will be worked on throughout the year and will be the focus of direct teaching. Any extra support you can provide in helping your children to achieve these is beneficial to your child and greatly valued.

If you have any queries regarding the expectations or would like support in knowing how best to help your child, please come and talk to one of us.  We will be happy to provide suggestions.


  • Secure with year group phonic expectations
  • Recognise simple recurring literary language
  • Read ahead to help with fluency and expression
  • Comment on plot, setting & characters in familiar & unfamiliar stories
  • Recount main themes and events
  • Comment on structure of the text
  • Use commas, question marks and exclamation marks to vary expression
  • Read aloud with expression and intonation
  • Recognise commas in lists and apostrophe of omission and possession (singular noun)
  • Identify past/present tense and why the writer has used a tense
  • Use content and index to locate information
  • To read lots of different types of books suitable for my age


  • Write different kinds of sentences: statement, question, exclamation, command
  • Use expanded noun phrases to add description and specification
  • Write using subordination (when, if, that, because) and co-ordination (or, and, but)
  • Correct and consistent use of present tense & past tense
  • Correct use of verb tenses
  • Write with correct and consistent use of, capital letters, full stops, question marks and exclamation marks
  • Use commas in a list
  • Use apostrophe to mark omission and singular possession in nouns
  • Write under headings
  • Write lower case letters correct size relative to one another
  • Show evidence of diagonal and horizontal strokes to join handwriting


  • Compare and order numbers up to 100 and use < > =
  • Read and write all numbers to 100 in digits & words
  • Say 10 more/less than any number to 100
  • Count in steps of 2, 3 & 5 from zero and in 10s from any number (forwards and backwards)
  • Recall and use multiplication & division facts for 2, 5 & 10 tables
  • Recall and use +/- facts to 20
  • Derive and use related facts to 100
  • Recognise place value of any 2-digit number
  • Add & subtract:
  • 2-digit nos & ones
  • 2-digit nos & tens
  • Two 2-digit nos
  • Three 1-digit nos
  • Recognise and use inverse (+/-)
  • Calculate and write multiplication & division calculations using multiplication tables
  • Recognise, find, name and write 1/3; 1/4; 2/4; 3/4
  • Write and recognise equivalence of simple fractions
  • Tell time to five minutes, including quarter past/to

Class Rules and Expectations:

  • Be kind and polite
  • Always do your best
  • Listen carefully when the teacher is speaking
  • Raise your hand when you want to speak
  • Treat each other with respect
  • Don't touch anyone else's things without asking their permission


Each Monday spellings will be handed out. They must be completed each evening using the ‘Look, Say, Cover, Write, Check' method. A sentence must be written on the back of the sheet for each word. Spellings tests will be completed on Friday.

IMPACT homework will be given on a Monday and must be returned for marking on Friday.

Reading must be completed every evening. We recognise and reward children who manage to read 5 times in a week.  Have fun and ask lots of questions.

Useful Links

You can practise your times tables at the following sites:

* Children in year 2 are expected to have secure knowledge of their 2,5 and 10 times tables.


There are lots of other maths games to explore too:


Click on the links to practise literacy skills:

We need…

  • If you could please send in boxes of tissues they would be much appreciated.
  • Any parent helpers who would like to read with the children are welcome to speak to the teacher to arrange a suitable time; we would be most grateful for any help.


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