St Peter

Who works in the class?


Miss Smith

Class Teacher

Mrs Yersever 

Teaching assistant


Curriculum Highlights:

During the autumn term, the learning is history lead, with a large focus on the Victorians. As part of English, children will read and study ‘Street Child' by Berlie Doherty. All children will have the opportunity to design and make a realistic Victorian costume which they will wear on Victorian day. This day will give them an insight into a typical school day during the late 1800s. In addition, we will be taking a trip to Preston Manor, a historic house which appears to be frozen in time.

In the spring term, our focus will be on Brazil and the Amazon rainforest, therefore the learning will have a geography focus.  We will hopefully be taking a trip to Kew Gardens so children can see first-hand the amazing range of plants and flowers which grow there. Excitingly, all pupils have the opportunity to go on an activity adventure at Osmington Bay.

Finally in the summer term, we have a history focus on the Egyptians. Children learn about pyramids, monuments and mummification. The pupils will enjoy an afternoon of creating their own mummies by wrapping each other up and learning the process of mummification.

Class Rules and Expectations:

Children should bring in their homework every day which will be checked and then given back.

Pupils can bring a pencil case with them into class; however writing pencils, rubbers, sharpeners and rulers are provided by the school.

A full PE kit must remain in school and be taken home at the weekend or half termly to be washed. Children must have trainers and girls who wear tights must have a spare pair of socks in their PE bags.

In the classroom, I expect all children to do their best in every subject. Handwriting should remain at a high standard across all areas. Children should be respectful towards each other; they should listen to one another and help to maintain a good working environment. Most importantly, I would like to see all the children coming into school eager to learn, with a big smiles on their faces!


Each child must read every night, this should be evident from looking in their reading log; there must be a parent signature to confirm the reading has been done. It is not compulsory for children to read over the weekend, however this should be encouraged. Children should want to read.

Each child must complete the maths homework set for that day; children will receive 1 piece of maths homework every school day.

Finally, the children must complete their spelling homework every day. They will be practicing different spelling rules and learning how to apply these rules to a number of words. Children should write out the full spelling list, then write 4 exciting sentences to a high standard using correct punctuation and sentence structure.

If children fail to complete any of the tasks above they will miss their break time to do the homework then. It is essential that children complete homework as it strengthens their understanding of a concept taught in school.

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We need…

  • Boxes of tissues for all those runny noses
  • Newspapers for arts and crafts
  • Men's old shirts for painting aprons
  • Unwanted U rated DVDs for wet play/golden time
  • Clean bed sheets for Victorian costume making


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