St Cecilia

Who works in the class?

Chris Green - Class Teacher Mrs Cinquemani - Teaching assistant  

Mr Green

Class Teacher

Mrs Cinquemani

Teaching assistant


Curriculum Highlights:

In the autumn term, we study in depth World War 2 and the ramifications of what transpired. This is taught through our creative curriculum; which allows us to get a broader understanding of the subject in a fun, informative way. We will study the street artist Banksy and link our learning to world news: conflict in Syria. This allows us to deepen our understanding of the world around us and enable us to impersonate a modern, local artist's work. In addition to this, the children will experience a variety of new sports through PE including: tag rugby, lacrosse and dodgeball! Year 6 have a week-long, residential trip to the Isle of Wight which is a highlight of the year!

Class Rules and Expectations:

Behaviour, manners and team work are our main class rules. There is an extremely high level of expected behaviour in St Cecilia's. All children must adhere to the behavioural policy set out in the classroom. All children are expected to dress smartly at all times. Shirts MUST be tucked in and ties should be on straight. Finally, children are actively encouraged to work collaboratively in order to build and strengthen friendship groups across the class.


  • Each night three pieces of homework will be set: Reading, Spellings and Maths.
  • Reading: a minimum of 20 pages or 20 minutes (30 on weekends).
  • Spelling: complete a spelling column and four to five high-quality sentences (15 minutes)
  • Maths: questions related to that day's learning (20 minutes).

We need…

  • We are always in need of tissues! Children always need to blow their noses! Newspapers can always be used for art and D&T projects. Mr Green and Mrs Cinquemani will accept bribery in the form of cakes and anything sweet!


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