St Luke

Who works in the class?

Mr Hawkes - Class Teacher Mrs Griffiths - Teaching Assistant Mrs Sadler - Learning Support Assistant

Mr Hawkes

Class Teacher

Mrs Griffiths

Teaching assistant

Mrs Sadler

Learning Support Assistant

Curriculum Highlights:

Year 6 is a fantastic year with so many different things to look forward to! In the autumn term, studies focus around World War 2; our creative curriculum allows us to get a broad understanding of this topic through Art, English, Geography, History and school visits.

We study the street artist Banksy and link our learning to world news: conflict in Syria. This allows us to deepen our understanding of the world around us and enable us to impersonate a modern, local artist's work.

Through our Computing curriculum, we will unpick what makes Apps and Games and learn how they are created; ultimately making our very own!

Class Rules and Expectations:

  • Pupils are expected to arrive in the classroom at 8.30am to complete their morning Maths or English.
  • All pupils are expected to have a blue pen, a pencil, a rubber, a ruler and if possible, their own colouring pencils.


  • Each night three pieces of homework will be set: Reading, Spellings and Maths.
  • Reading: a minimum of 20 pages or 20 minutes (30 on weekends).
  • Spelling: complete a spelling column and four to five high-quality sentences (15 minutes)
  • Maths: questions related to that day's learning (20 minutes).

We need…

  • We would be eternally grateful for tissues!


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